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I highly recommend Laynette's services! Laynette recently developed a new resume for me. I have always had an up-to-date resume that I developed. This is the first time I have had a professional write a resume for me. I was not getting the interviews that I wanted, so I thought it was worth a try. What an excellent decision on my part! I sent the new resume out to two organization, was invited to interview with both companies, received a job offer from one company, and I got to the finals for a position at the other. That is 100% success rate since Laynette developed my resume! The best decision I ever made was to call Laynette Evans! I highly recommend that you call her today!!

Rachelle Pellissier Resume

I had the privilege to work with Laynette on developing my resume and as a career coach. She has a definite gift for writing resumes that wow. Laynette is extremely skilled at fostering relationships, giving constructive feedback, and coaching people through difficult situations. She knows how to be sympathetic, while at the same time helping people to work through any challenges that they may have. She is always encouraging. I look forward to being able to collaborate with her in the future.

Dianna Karlicek Career Coaching & Resume

Laynette worked with me to create a professional resume—my first after over twenty years of self-employment—and prepare me for a video interview and an in-person interview.

Our discussions were very helpful in preparing me to talk about my experience and achievements. For someone who hates talking about herself, this help was huge.

I especially enjoyed our communication during the process. We laughed a lot. She taught me things I didn’t know without making me feel stupid. In other words, she made what might have been a dreaded process (like pulling teeth, right?) more fun than I had any reason to expect.

I was thrilled and delighted with the resulting resume and am quite sure I could not have created anything close to its effectiveness had I not had Laynette’s help. Very impressive to me was the extensive research Laynette had done to identify current trends, highlights and key terms in the field of dentistry.

Perhaps most surprising and helpful was the careful preparation Laynette provided me for the video interviews my new resume secured for me. There were so many little but important aspects I would never have thought of without her keen insights.

Did my new resume get me interviews? Yes. Did my video interview get me an in-person interview? Yes. Did my in-person interview produce a discussion about moving forward to an employment opportunity? Yes. At the end of the day, these are the markers of effectiveness.

I recommend Laynette’s services without reservation.

Paulette Sanford, DDS Resume & Interview Preparation

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