Recruiters and hiring managers today receive hundreds of resumes for every job opening. Many of those resumes are irrelevant to the job or are overlooked because of poor formatting or missing information.

A good resume, one that sets you apart from the crowd and motivates a hiring manager to call you for an interview, must be:

Professional Resume Service
  • Carefully designed to meet the specifications of a company’s applicant tracking system
  • Free of errors in spelling, grammar, or formatting
  • Easily scannable within 6 seconds by a human reader, drawing their attention to the skills and accomplishments the company is seeking

If this all seems a bit overwhelming, you need to hire a professional resume writer.

I have designed attention-grabbing resumes for executives and professionals in many careers and industries, and for people in career transition, including military to civilian, academia to consulting, and business owner to employee.

I take the time to research your industry and your background, identify key words and skills, and help you articulate what makes you an asset for your targeted job.

I have written resumes for professionals in a wide variety of fields, including:

  • Accounting, Banking, & Finance
  • Business
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Logistics and Warehousing
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining and Geology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Software Engineering
  • Telecommunications

Cover Letters

Employers often ask to include a cover letter when submitting resumes. What they've told you is, "I'm busy. This letter better convince me I should even look at your resume." The biggest mistake you can make is treating your cover letter lightly. This is where you make your case that you're the person they need!

A winning cover letter should succinctly tell:

  • Why them—why you’re interested in that job at that company
  • Why you—what you can do for them
  • Why now—what is prompting your job change or career change?

If you have trouble “tooting your own horn,” don’t know what information to include, or are uncomfortable writing and formatting an appealing letter, I’m here to help!

Professional Bios

Your bio is a description of your professional background in story format. On social media platforms, it is your digital calling card.

A professional bio is extremely useful when you’re looking for a job. There are times when it’s premature to send a resume to a company or networking connection.

If you are a blogger, a business owner, a celebrity in your field, a candidate for public office, a public speaker, a consultant, a professional trainer, a sales or marketing professional, an executive or aspiring to be one, you need a professional bio.

If you are receiving an award for achievement in your job, your field, or your contributions to your community, you need a professional bio.

Let me craft a bio that tells your story and makes it easy for people to find and connect with you.