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An employer will choose to part ways with an employee for many reasons―a layoff, a termination, a change in direction, or simply a bad fit.

Whatever the reason, the best outcome for everyone occurs when the separated employee quickly refocuses on the future and has the minimum amount of time to let ill feelings fester.

Employer-sponsored outplacement services reduce legal liability. They help maintain the company’s reputation in the community and show remaining employees their former co-worker was treated fairly.

For most outplacement clients, the work requires more than just a resume tune-up. I arm them with all the tools they need to engage in an effective job search.

I help them:

  • Clarify the circumstances that led to their separation and let go of anger.
  • Overcome barriers, such as performance or interpersonal skill deficits.
  • Identify strengths and explore appropriate career options.
  • Create targeted career communications―resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles.
  • Strategize and execute a successful job search.

The ending of one chapter is a great opportunity to examine the possibility for a different job or career path that may better fit their circumstances or skill sets.

Outplacement is available as tailored services for individuals and group classes across a wide spectrum of jobs, from warehouse workers to CEOs.

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