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What is this?

An affordable, six-week program with daily actions and accountability to help you land the job you want.
Weekly small-group sessions to reinforce and support your daily activities
Developed by Certified Career Coach and job search experts
Nationally recognized methods proven to get results
12-month subscription to Jibber Jobber job search tracking platform

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Is your job search working for you?

Are you:

…applying for dozens—even hundreds of jobs with no response?

…getting screened out in phone interviews?

…being interviewed, but not getting offers?

It’s not surprising. Job search is a complex process requiring knowledge of the recruiting process, computerized talent management systems, networking and research to unearth opportunities that aren’t posted (the Hidden Job Market), and an objectivity that few of us have about ourselves.

Help Me Find a Job

People say that finding a job is the hardest job you’ll ever have!

As a trained Job Search Coach, I help you navigate the myriad steps of the job search process, including:

  • Clarifying your career target
  • Strategizing your targeted search
  • Networking and research strategies
  • Interviewing and closing the deal with confidence

If your job search is stalled, or worse—you don’t know where to start—let me help you cut through the confusion, frustration, and mysterious maze of the hidden job market with a proven framework for success. Contact me for a free initial session.

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