Are you searching for career direction?
In transition and need a change?

Did you “fall into” a career, or pursue a career path because it’s what your parents did or wanted you to do? … or because it was the first job you landed out of college, it was good money and hard to walk away from?

Choosing a career that fits you – using the skills you enjoy using, in a field of interest that fits your work style and temperament – can be a challenge to do on your own. After all, if you knew what to do you would have already done it, right?

Career Counseling

I use career assessments and reflective listening to help you identify your unique combination of skills, interests, temperament, and work style, considering what’s most important to you.

We’ll explore career options that fit you – some you may have considered, and many that you haven’t thought of before.

Sometimes finding the “right fit” is a matter of identifying what’s already working for you, and what’s not, in your current job or career.

Sometimes it’s about figuring out how to combine what you love to do in a way that’s practical in your current circumstances.

You spend most of your waking life at work. You deserve to be happy doing what you do!

I Help

  • College students who are trying to determine a major that will lead to a great career fit
  • Mid-career professionals who are feeling “stuck” in an unfulfilling career
  • Baby Boomers who are looking for an encore career – pre- or post-retirement

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